Note: Fall Enrollment Opens June 15, 2021

Choose which Cohort works best:

Part 1:

During our cohort sessions, teens will be participating in rigorous activities that create leadership skills, team building, as well as transformative workshops that result in our teens being ready to tackle any situation head on in their personal life and business.


Cohort 1


 February 6, 2021 

 February 20, 2021 

 March 6, 2021 

 March 20, 2021 

Cohort 2

9am- 2pm

 April 3, 2021

 April 17, 2021

 May 1, 2021 

 May 15, 2021 

Attend Summer Camp:

Part 2:

The summer camps are where our teens get down and dirty! They hold 50 teens each camp while engaging in hands on classes, look and learn session, business workshops, and competitions.


All classes created are 3-4 hours each and we offer a class in every aspect of the beauty industry ( not just hair). 

Summer Camp

8am- 4pm

July 12-16, 2021

Let's Celebrate! 🎉

Part 3:

The most exciting time of our year is the end, where we bring together all of our teens to celebrate them and their accomplishments at our annual awards gala. 

Annual Gala

5pm- 9pm

January 2022

More details coming soon

The goal is to create such a strong community with our girlpreneurs that when the time comes to celebrate them, everyone is ready to love on their new sisters while being inspired to be more committed to their community and each other. 

This shows them there is more to the industry than being behind the chair, but also, how to be supportive of other people who do the exact same thing as they do.

Become a Girlpreneur Today!



One time annual fee (payment plans available)

Previous year attendees receive $50 off enrollment

  •  Choose between our Spring OR Fall Cohort.

  • An automatic seat to our Summer or Winter 6 day camp.

  • Annual Conference attendance.

  • Supplies needed for cohorts & camps. 

Enroll Now!

When you enroll in TASF, you will experience:

  • Being pushed to value yourself, take risk, and pioneer into your strengths that develop into entrepreneurship.

  • Long lasting mentor relationships.

  • Business ethics and development.

  • Opportunities to receive partial and full scholarships to beauty and esthetic school.

  • Being apart of a strong community filled with diverse and educated girlpreneurs.

  • How to acquire the skills to tap into your inner creative.



Frequently Asked Questions

Am I able to enroll at any time during the year?

Unfortunately, no. Enrollment happens twice a year, January ( for the Spring Cohort & Summer camp) and June (for the Fall Cohort & Winter Camp). You will only be allowed to register during those times.

Are payment plans available?

Yes! We offer a payment plan for 2 or 3 payments. All payments are due in full 2 weeks prior to your cohort beginning. Please note, that should you choose a payment plan, your fee will incure a 10-15% interest.

Is my enrollment fee refundable?

No. Fees paid toward your enrollment are non refundable and non transferable. Once paid, supplies are purchased specifically for you and we are unable to return those items once in our possession.

Am I able to prorate my fees if I am unable to attend any of my sessions?

No. All fees are non refundable so we are not able to return any amount of it.

Can I attend camp without attending a cohort?

Yes, but camp is reserved for cohort attendees FIRST. No spaces will be opened for new students if all cohort teens reserve all 50 camp spaces.

Is there a virtual option for out of state teens?

Yes! Out of state teens will be invited to log in via ZOOM to participate in all cohorts and camps. We do ask that you try to make arrangements to attend the annual conference in person solely for the expereince.


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