During our cohort sessions, teens will be participating in rigorous activities that offers interactive sessions on learning how to discover their purpose, team building and leadership skills, customer service, and mental health. 

See our Cohort Curriculum HERE!

Now Enrolling Spring Cohort 2

Upon completion of your chosen cohort, you will be automatically enrolled in our 5 day camp! If you attend a SPRING COHORT, you will be assigned to the SUMMER CAMP. If you attend the FALL COHORT, you will be assigned to the WINTER CAMP. 

* Please Note: There are no exceptions to which camp you attend. You can not change the camp you attend after your cohort has been confirmed.

The summer camp is where our teens get down and dirty! They hold 50 teens each camp and offers look and learn sessions, hands on classes, business workshops, and competitions that help them strengthen their skills in hair, makeup, lashes, product development and more! Each session is facilitated by industry leaders who are not only innovators, but also masters in their craft.

All classes created are 3-4 hours each and we offer a class in every aspect of the beauty industry ( not just hair). 

Summer Camp Curriculum will be available soon!