Meet South Carolina Beauty Karliyah Marshall!

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Meet Karliyah! A 2020 Summer camp attendee that blew us away with her introduction video! We asked the attendees, for extra brownie points, to send us a video to help us get to know them a little better prior to beginning our virtual camp.

As Karliyah was telling us about herself and her goals, we couldn't help but notice the passion in her voice! She then mentioned that the one thing she wanted to accomplish the most, was to create a successful lip gloss line.

So what do we do? Create a post on social media to see who would be open to helping us get this done for Karliyah! We hadn't even met her yet, but again, the passion SHINED through her video and we couldn't resist!

In comes a mom who helped her two daughters create their own ( Duck Lips ) and she was MORE than happy to mentor Karliyah as she had her own daughters!

Little did we know, Karliyah didn't need our help AT ALL, she was already a little mogul in the making and was doing amazing with her brand already!

" One of my many accomplishments has been me winning my middle school pageant and taking the place as Miss 7th Grade. I plan on attending a 4 year college after high school and I currently own my own business Karliyah’s Kloset where I sell lipgloss made by me and more. The inspiration behind my business has to do with me getting older and wanting to have something I can call my own and becoming independent. I want my business to grow and branch off to be bigger than I can ever imagine! I really enjoyed being able to participate in this amazing program !! "

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