Meet Aesthetic Scholarship Winners, Mya Johnson & Caden Foy!!

Updated: Sep 13

Mya and Caden are our

2020 Aesthetic school scholarship winners! They won a full and partial scholarship to attend DCI Academy School of Aesthetics located in Memphis, TN. Upon completion, these 2 will be fully licensed aestheticians at the age of 16!

Mya Johnson

Mya is Our 2020 Aesthetic

school FULL scholarship winner!

During our 2020 virtual summer camp, we challenged the girls to create a TikTok transformation video.

They were given the option to do a hair or makeup TikTok and Mya chose makeup.

She blew us all away with her creativity and her peers voted for her video which earned her the opportunity to win her scholarship!

" Not only am I a student but I am also an aspiring Makeup artist! #TheCosmicBeats! Just recently in July i earned a full ride scholarship to the Destiny Cox Institute Academy of Aesthetics on behalf of the BTC Foundation. My plans after high school are to open up a day spa, and a full service salon for all! "

Caden Foy

Caden is our 2020 Aestheti

c school PARTIAL scholarship winner! The amazing part about Caden's win is that it wasn't even a prize to begin with! We originally had it in the plan to award only 1 full scholarship. When we asked the girls to let us know who would like to attend aesthetic school, Caden not only told us she wanted to attend, but she told us WHY!

Caden went over and beyond to show us how serious she was about this and we can't be more happy than to be able to make that happen for her!

" After high school, I intend on going to college to get my masters degree in computer science. I am so grateful for BTC and the opportunity given to attend DCI Academy. It has already extended my knowledge in skin and the body, and will create another stream of revenue for myself in the future. I AM A GIRLPRENEUR! "

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