Meet 15 year old Jaila Hampton!

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Meet Jaila! Our 2020 camp game winner! Jaila participated in one of the camp competitions that lead her to winning the opportunity to become the mentee of Martice Wright of Martice hair oil which allowed Jaila to create her very own hair oil line!

" I went into the BTC Virtual Camp not knowing what to expect. I most definitely knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, and at the time I’d just launched a boutique. I prayed for new opportunities, and the next week I went to the camp."

" It was like everything I’d been praying and wishing for happened. My marketing skills and communication skills helped me to win an opportunity to create my hair oil line.

That leads us to today. It’s been almost  2 months and I am literally watching my dreams unfold infant of me. Janie B’s Hair Oil will be launching on September 29, 2020. Which happens to be my 16th birthday!

Through this business, I am able to continue the legacy of my great-grandmother, Janie B. Porter, to help black women, and make my family proud. That’s all I could ask for. There’s no better feeling than seeing the pride in my family’s eyes and hearing it in their voices.

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